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2018-01-10 00:00来源:双语周刊

    City to open public restrooms in all subway stations
    Local officials announced last week that all subway stations will have public restrooms available to commuters by the end of the year. Elevators will also be available at all stations. Currently, five stations do not have public access to bathroom facilities, including the stops at Hubin East Road, Lianban, Lucuo, the Xiamen Garden Expo and Zhenhai Road. The five stations where elevator work is still underway include Jiangjunci, Lianban, Xingjin Road, Xinglin Village and Zhenhai Road.
    10 local winners earn China Patent Awards
    By Wendy Shi
    The local branch of China's State Intellectual Property Office announced 10 winners of its annual China Patent Awards. Winning designs included a foldable multi-purpose treadmill from local company Ogawa. The prestigious awards are recognized internationally by such entities as the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization.

    19 entrepreneur spaces 
    opened in Xiamen last year
    China's Ministry of Science and Technology released last week a list of national-level entrepreneur spaces established in 2017. Xiamen is home to 19 entrepreneur spaces on the list, including 3W Space and the Cross-Straits Intelligent Robot Incubation Space. The city now has a total of 33 such entrepreneur spaces.

    950 bus line closes after 30 years
    By Wendy Shi
    Local transit authorities announced last week that the 950 bus line closed after more than 30 years of service. The new subway Line One rendered the bus route obsolete. The 950 held special significance for many local commuters because it served as a lifeline between Xiamen Huaxia University and the Jimei campus of the Xiamen University of Technology.