770,000 fish fry release into the waters of Xiamen and Kinmen
2018-06-13 00:00来源:双语周刊

  Photo by Lin Wen

  Fishing boats from Xiamen Marine Fisheries Research Institute and from the Aquatic Product Laboratory of Kinmen gathered in the waters between Xiamen and Kinmen last week on China Ocean Day for the annual joint breeding and releasing event. The boats released 770,000 fry into the ocean. Xiamen sponsored the release of 50,000 each of bass, yellow catfish and black-winged fish as well as 500,000 yellow croakers. Kinmen vessels unleashed 30,000 each of king salmon, black-winged, bass and flat bream fish.

  This is the fourth consecutive year for the joint breeding and releasing event, which has included a cumulative 17 million fish fry.