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2018-07-11 00:00来源:双语周刊

  Xiamen to expand pubic bathroom facilities


  Local officials announced recently that the city plans to build or renovate 138 public bathroom facilities continue apace. The renovation program will also raise the height of bathroom dividers. The new facilities will be geared toward sites such as older apartment complexes, main traffic arteries and major transportation hubs.

  Fujian FTZ firms to lease 100 aircraft in 2018


  Representatives of the Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone announced recently that the zone is home to 340 financial leasing companies as of the end of May. The financial leasing firms offer a range of high-value items, including airplanes, ships, medical equipment and production equipment as well as engineering equipment and automobiles. Local firms have assisted in the leasing of 64 aircraft to date, ranking third in the county, with projections to handle the lease of more than 100 aircraft by the end of the year.

  Local association to update list of top Xiamen enterprises


  The Xiamen Enterprises and Entrepreneurs Association recently announced that nearly 100 companies have applied with the association to be considered for the association's annual Top 100 Xiamen Enterprises list. A number of applicant companies indicated operating income topping 200 billion yuan, including Xiamen C&D, ITG Holding and the Xiangyu Group.

  Fujian to conduct oversight of tourism market prices


  Provincial authorities announced recently that Fujian will conduct tourism market price inspections through October 31. Officials issued a public call encouraging consumers who believe they are victims of price cheating or other illegal activities to call the provincial 12358 hotline and register a complaint with the price control department.