Gulangyu Pipe Organ Art Center opens
2018-07-11 00:00来源:双语周刊

  The Gulangyu Pipe Organ Art Center hosted on Sunday its official opening ceremony, which is a part of the celebration hailing the first anniversary of the islet's inscription on the World Culture Heritage list. The center hosted six concerts by eight musicians from six countries over the past four days.

  The Gulangyu Pipe Organ Art Center is by far the largest platform in the Chinese mainland for the collection, performance, training and renovation of antique pipe organs.

  Items in the collection include the Casavant Opus 700, the largest pipe organ currently in Asia. In 2007 Hu Youyi and Huang Yulian donated the organ and restoration work began on the Opus 700 four years ago.

  Pictured is Isabelle Demers, organ professor and head of the organ program at Baylor University in Texas, who played the opening concert with the Casavant Opus 700 on Sunday.

  Compiled by Vivian Zhang

  Photo by Lin Xiaoyun